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Diverse Learning Environments


Our goal in the infant room is to provide a safe and nurturing environment.  At Green Bay Academy, our Program is focused on helping babies reach their potential as they grow by providing a secure learning environment. Our program includes the Learning beyond curriculum that focuses on delivering appropriate infant interactions like observations and assessments. Parent communication through our Procare platform that provides real time updates, photos and milestones so as the child grows, parents are not left out. At Green Bay Academy we understand infants have their unique habits and schedules so, nutrition and care will be tailored to meet each individual child's need. 



Toddlers Love to explore! At Green Bay Academy we understand this is the time when each child is exploring their sense of self. Catering to each child's need for independence, socialization, communication and development is important. Our toddler program includes the learning beyond curriculum that is STEAM focused, language development, monthly themes, learning experiences and play. Teacher at Green Bay Academy understand that this is the time to reassure and support each child's individual need but also encourage social connections like friendships and group play.


Our research-based curriculum offers personalized learning and lessons that integrate the arts and science. Children develop the ability to use material in a variety of ways, and begin developing planning skills. Dramatic play is employed to help children develop their symbolic thinking skills. Children's self-awareness and independence is developed. Exploration of music, movement, and drama help children to express themselves. As children in this age group learn how to be part of a community, they also develop familiar routines.


The transition to kindergarten is usually a big step. At Green Bay Academy, our program helps by building a foundation on literacy, numbers and simple arithmetic. We teach our students skills they can use once they reach kindergarten. Children gain further respect for diversity, family and community. When Children graduate from Green Bay Academy they are ready for the next stage of their education. Our unique learning environment creates successful students who thrive in kindergarten and beyond. 

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